Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cruikshank's History of Birmingham

Title page and image from Cruikshank's book
The first volume of A History of Birmingham and its environs: a narrative account of their historical progress, their people, and their principal interests published in 1920 by George M. Cruikshank is available online. The entire text (441 pages) may be read and searched electronically. Chapters in volume one include:

Chapter I Meaning of the Birmingham
Chapter II The story of coal
Chapter III Corporate development of iron fields
Chapter IV Alabama iron, Confederate backbone
Chapter V Consolidated iron interests
Chapter VI Planning and building of Birmingham
Chapter VII Newspapers and editors
Chapter VIII Corporate history of Birmingham
Chapter IX Birmingham as it is
Chapter X Jefferson County matters
Chapter XI Professional things and people
Chapter XII The City beautiful
Chapter XIII Cultural agencies
Chapter XIV Religious and charitable institutions
Chapter XV Secret, benevolent and social bodies
Chapter XVI Banks and financiers
Chapter XVII Military and war record
Chapter XVIII Bessemer etchings
Chapter XIX Historical background

A special thanks goes to our volunteer librarian, Carole Castine who made this online version possible.