Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birmingham Magazine 1919

Birmingham Magazine LogoMarch and September issues of the magazine Birmingham published in 1919 were recently added to the Digital Collections' database.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

1913 social directory

Blue Book Birmingham 1913
The names of citizens who participated "in the social and prominent life" of Birmingham in 1913 are found in the directory titled Blue Book Birmingham 1913. This book has been digitized and is available for viewing and searching. Names, addresses and phone numbers make up the majority of this book but there are also a few photographs of buildings and local advertisements included as well.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Birmingham Magazine 1915

Birmingham Magazine p.25
We recently added the v.1, no. 1 edition of Birmingham Magazine to BPL's Digital Collections Database.

Table of Contents
  • A Letter of Appreciation From E. H. GARY.

  • The Industrial Situation By E. H. GARY.

  • Social Service Work of City Commission By GEORGE B. WARD, President City Commission.

  • The Diversified Farming Association, What it is Doing By MARIE BANKHEAD OWEN, Secretary Central Association.

  • Education in Birmingham By DR. J. H. PHILLIPS, Superintendent of Education.

  • Woman Suffrage in Alabama By MRS. BOSSIE O'BRIEN HUNDLEY.

  • Editorial Comment Business Men's League Item By SAM H. FOWLKES, Secretary.

  • Roads and Highways By ALMA RITTENBERRY.

  • Birmingham Permanent Manufacturers' Exhibit By J. H. EDMUNDSON. Secretary-Manager.

  • Library Talk By CARL MILAM, Director Public Library.

  • Proceedings of City Commishion By the Board of Commissioners.

  • Building Up a City

  • Invitation to Alabama Merchants