Friday, March 02, 2007

Birmingham Magazine 1915

Birmingham Magazine p.25
We recently added the v.1, no. 1 edition of Birmingham Magazine to BPL's Digital Collections Database.

Table of Contents
  • A Letter of Appreciation From E. H. GARY.

  • The Industrial Situation By E. H. GARY.

  • Social Service Work of City Commission By GEORGE B. WARD, President City Commission.

  • The Diversified Farming Association, What it is Doing By MARIE BANKHEAD OWEN, Secretary Central Association.

  • Education in Birmingham By DR. J. H. PHILLIPS, Superintendent of Education.

  • Woman Suffrage in Alabama By MRS. BOSSIE O'BRIEN HUNDLEY.

  • Editorial Comment Business Men's League Item By SAM H. FOWLKES, Secretary.

  • Roads and Highways By ALMA RITTENBERRY.

  • Birmingham Permanent Manufacturers' Exhibit By J. H. EDMUNDSON. Secretary-Manager.

  • Library Talk By CARL MILAM, Director Public Library.

  • Proceedings of City Commishion By the Board of Commissioners.

  • Building Up a City

  • Invitation to Alabama Merchants

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