Friday, January 11, 2008

George Ward For Sheriff In 1910

The 48 page pamphlet published in 1910 by Birmingham Mayor George Ward titled George Ward Made A Business Mayor, George Ward Will Make A Business Sheriff, Help Him Win has been digitized and is available online. There is much statistical and historical information about Birmingham featured in this work. As George Ward states on the back cover of his pamphlet:

"The primary object in sending out this little book is, of course, to present to the people of Jefferson County whatever claims and qualifications I may have for the office of Sheriff. By way of atonement, however, for inflicting so much matter, purely personal, on their attention, there is also set forth much interesting data concerning the County Government, its voting strength, duties of Sheriff, Etc., Etc. It is hoped this information will prove of enough permanent value, and in form sufficiently attractive, to justify its being preserved for future use."

Click here to view this pamphlet.

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