Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birmingham Magazine January 1916

The Birmingham Magazine published by the Chamber of Commerce for January 1916 is now available online.

Table of Contents
The Panama Canal and the Birmingham District C. M. Evans p. 9
What Concrete Has Done for Civilization P. E. Chalifoux p. 11
Bessemer Canal vs. Armor Plant W. P. Gunn p. 13
The Building Manager of Today T. P. Hay, Jr. p. 14
Some Business Blunders Franklin H. Tonsmeire p. 15
Business Men's League Items Sam H. Fowlkes p. 17
Editorial Comment p. 18
Woman Suffrage at the Alabama State Fair Mrs. Oscar R. Hundley p. 20
Library Talk Carl Milam p. 22
Good Roads and Highways Alma Rittenberry p. 25
New Phase of the Convict Question George H. Clark p. 27
Industries for Birmingham William Blanks Everett p. 30
The Birmingham District E. B. Beason p. 31
The Birmingham Ad Club H. D. Cullen p. 32
The Distributing Powers of Birmingham and Their Restricted Use J. P. Slatter p. 33
Agricultural Notes: Controlling Anthrax p.34
Sales of Old Products by Publicity Edward M. Hager p. 36
Woman of Today Maye Teressa Holder p. 36
Proceedings of the City Commission p. 51
The New Birmingham Chamber of Commerce p. 61
Palmistry DeBrooks p. 71
Information p. 4

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